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Business Valuation
Business valuation of the purposes of shareholding reform, M&A and restructuring of listed companies. Equity transfer, restructuring of state-owned companies, Sino-foreign contractual cooperation and joint venture, finance, secured loan, litigation and bankruptcy liquidation.
Valuation of Individual Assets
Valuation of individual assets including machinery and equipment, houses and buildings, creditor's rights for the purposes of asset transfer, asset pledge, asset auction, asset leasing, removing compensation and litigation discharge.
Valuation of Land Use Right
Valuation of land use right as transfer of land use right, investment and share purchasing. Secured loan, leasing and bankruptcy liquidation.
Valuation of Intangible Assets
Valuation of intangible assets including patent, patented technology, computer software, copyright, licensed franchise, exclusive right to use trademarks, sales network and credibility for the purposes of share conversion, asset transfer, license application and licensed franchise.
Transaction Advisory Services
Feasibility valuation of project investment, financial due diligence, investment value analysis, asset restructuring proposal, investigation, evaluation and proposal for property right transaction, enterprise management model designing, and business / investment matching.

Some Common Purposes of our Valuation Report:


Joint Venture


Financial Reporting

Financial Accounting

Accounting & Tax






Non-performing Loan


Feasibility Study

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